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Referral Interview

Our Pricing Structure

Fee Type Employees Job Seeker
Registration Fee* Free Rs. 100
Referral Fee Rs. 100 Rs. 100

*Registration charge is valid for 2 years and will have to be renewed on completion of two years.

Our Refund Policies

  1. The registration charge is a one-time charge and non-refundable in any case.

  2. If a candidate has asked for a referral and Referral Interview finds that the candidate has already been referred in the system by someone else (duplicate entry), the same will be intimated to the candidate and the amount paid for the same will not be refundable. It is the candidate’ssole responsibility to make sure he/she has not been referred before by someone else before asking for a referral.

  3. If a candidate has asked for a referral and in any case Referral interview fails to refer you your amount will be credited back in your e-wallet which you can use for further referrals.

  4. Once the candidate hasasked for referral, in any case the request cannot be rolled back and any amount paid for the same is non-refundable.

  5. The candidate will have an option to either ask for a refund in his account or can even add the amount in his e-wallet which he can use for further use.

  6. The candidate can ask for a withdrawal of amount from his e-wallet whenever the amount reaches Rs. 250

Above 1200+ Students have got 13k+ referrals across 200+ companies. So what are you waiting for?

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